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Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry

To conclude our weekend long celebration of our anniversary, we had our official anniversary dinner last night at Half Moon on High Street in Dobbs Ferry.  It was a beautiful evening so dining outside with the view of the Hudson River and both the Tappan Zee and the George Washington bridges was the perfect backdrop.  The sun was setting and the sky was pink as we arrived at the restaurant.  For a Monday evening the restaurant was fairly busy.  Just about all the tables outside were taken and quite a number inside as well.

Half Moon opened a few months ago in the former location of the Chart House.  The menu is a mix of seafood, meat and chicken.  Its kind of all over the place with dishes prepared in a variety of ways – some traditional seafood, some with a southwestern twist and others that are more comfort food in style.  I decided to try the New England clam chowder to start which was rather thin but chock full of clams and potatoes.  For my entree I opted for the prawns which came with grilled endive and roasted potatoes.  It was good not great.  Darren started with the calamari salad and had the herb tuna with empanades for dinner.  He too thought the food was okay but nothing to exceptional.  We were both too full for dessert so we passed but there were some good choices including a $16 ice cream sandwich which we would have loved to see.   The service was okay – it started off quite good but trickled off as the meal progressed and the restaurant became more crowded.  We both agreed the view is what you pay for and as long as the restaurant serves up decent fare, people will continue to come.

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Keeping Up With A Wedding Tradition

Everyone has heard that you are supposed to save the top layer of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary. So keeping with tradition, the day after our wedding last year Darren and I neatly wrapped up a portion of our wedding cake and placed it in the freezer awaiting our first anniversary to defrost it and take a bite. Fast forward to now and it was time to take that piece of cake out of the freezer. Well, for anyone who has followed this tradition, I am thinking you had the same experience as we did….a tasteless, old, gross piece of cake. After defrosting, the cake looked much the same but one bite by Darren who opted to go first and it was in and out of his mouth so fast. Yuck!

So where did this tradition come from? Reading a few websites it seems the tradition was born when cakes were more fruit based with some alcohol which preserved better. I am not sure if that is really the true story but today’s cakes certainly don’t stand the taste of time in the freezer.

Another tradition in celebrating a first anniversary is that the traditional gift is ‘paper’. Darren secretly did a lot of research on this and keeping with ‘paper’ as the theme for the first anniversary he bought us a beautifully framed picture of the Chain Bridge in Budapest, the very spot where he proposed. In order for our children to grow up knowing what a special spot the Chain Bridge is for us, we hung the picture in our kitchen so as we all have dinner together every night we are reminded of that magical spot.

I was unbelievably touched by this special gift. Unwrapping it brought tears to my eyes as I thought it was the most romantic gift – perfect for our first anniversary. This has been the most incredible year and I couldn’t be happier.

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Let the Celebrating Begin

On Monday, August 25th Darren and I will be married one year so it was only fitting that we would kick off what was our wedding weekend with a celebratory dinner. Darren made reservations for us last night at Morton’s in White Plains. This was his first time dining there but I had been to their midtown location a few times over the years. The restaurant is exactly what you would expect when it comes to steakhouses – an atmosphere of white table clothes and walls accented with heavy dark wood.

As Darren parked the car, I was warmly greeted by the hostess and the maitre’d who escorted me to our table – a comfortable leather booth along the perimeter of the restaurant. A warm round onion bread with butter was quickly brought to the table. Upon Darren’s arrival we were presented with our menus that were personalized at the top wishing “Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Herman”. We both this was a very nice touch. We started with some drinks and then the waiter came by to present us with the menu. If you have never dined at Morton’s before, in addition to a paper menu the waiters come to your table with a visual display of their most tradition items – an array of steaks, lobster and fish as well as their side dishes which usually include spinach, asparagus, broccoli and potatoes. Since it was a Friday, they also had Prime Rib which is only served on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Darren started with the beefsteak tomatoes with purple onion vinagrette followed by the prime rib which he said was excellent. A very large middle cut cooked to perfection. I started with the chopped salad, a mix of romaine and iceberg lettuce with hearts of palm, artichokes, cheese and bacon bits in a dijon mustard vinagrette. Very tasty and a huge portion. For my entree Darren talked me into the jumbo lobster tail – it was enormous – 14oz! The lobster tail was quite flavorful but a bit tough in spots which is pretty typical given the size. The slightly smaller lobster tail was probably the better of the two options but I still enjoyed it despite the few tough spots. For dessert we decided on the triple chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream. A heavenly piece arrived with a candle in it to celebrate our anniversary. We both thought this was a very nice touch by the restaurant and it was very thoughtful of them to give the cake to us on the house. We were thoroughly full by this point.

Overall, I thought the meal was very good and I would recommend Morton’s. Darren thought the food was very good too – he rated his meal an 8.9 but he wasn’t overly impressed with the atmosphere so he gave that a 7.

The evening was a great start to our anniversary celebrations. It is hard to believe that a year has gone by already. The time has flown by….and it has been a spectacular year to say the least.

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Keeping Bridesmaids Happy

Wedding season has officially begun and all across the country women are getting ready for their big day.  Its hard to believe that this time last year we were about 2 1/2 months away from our wedding weekend extravaganza.   By now, we were in the throws of the final details with respect to flowers, hair/makeup and the menu.  It was a ton of fun but slightly stressful at the same time as there are so many moving parts to keep track of.  And me being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted everything to be just right.  One of the most stressful parts I found was picking out the bridesmaids dresses.  Picking a dress or dresses that appeals to everyone in terms of color, style, fit, and material is a major challenge as no one has the same figure.   CNN has a cute article on their website today describing the challenges brides and bridesmaid find. 

I’d like to think I did a pretty good job in picking a dress for my bridesmaids but I’ll never know what they really thought.  I tried to take into consideration the color and the style along with their body types to find something that everyone would feel comfortable in.  Everyone is different and finding a dress that looks good on all can be quite the challenge.  While I know it is the bride’s wedding day, if you want a happy bridal party, my advice would be to take everyone’s body style into consideration.  There is nothing worse than unhappy bridal party and if they dont’ feel comfortable in what they are wearing it will show in their attitude that day.  If your party is of all different shapes and sizes, then my suggestion would be to pick a color and a material by one manufacturer that is best for the majority of people and then allow each person to choose their own style.  Everyone will be able to pick what’s best for their figure and in the end will feel most comfortable on the ‘big day’.  There is nothing worse than wearing something you vehemently hate for 12 hours.  It will show in your pictures – trust me and those pictures will be all you have left to remember the day by after its over. 

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HermanWeb Turns One!

Happy Birthday HermanWeb.us! One year ago today, Darren and I launched Hermanweb to keep our family and friends informed about our upcoming wedding. Little did we know that a year later our site would have grown as much as it has. We have only been tracking metrics through Google Analytics since October, but in the past five months 3,500 people have visited our site and a majority keep returning, some daily, some weekly, some whenever they feel like it. People from all around the country and the globe, have been tuning in each day to learn about life with Sherri & Darren. Darren has been a true inspiration to me with the incredible success of his own blog, and I myself have really taken to blogging and enjoying updating our site. Of course a lot of our content is about planning our wedding, the actual ‘big day’ and our honeymoon, but since then we have used the site as a way to keep everyone who is interested updated on the happening’s in our lives. By the increased number of visitors each day, it seems to have caught on so thank you to everyone who is reading. I’m glad you find what we have to say somewhat interesting, if not, entertaining.

Since it is a year since our first post, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back and highlight what I think have been some of our most memorable posts. Hope you enjoy them as well.

HermanWeb will still evolve over time and we hope everyone continues to tune in each day to read what we have to say. Feel free to drop us a line to say hi. We love that we have had visitors from 48 of the 50 states and we just want to say thank you and keep on reading!!! We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing :)

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Shari’s Wedding Weekend

This weekend, Darren and I joined many of our friends to celebrate my best friend’s wedding.  Shari and I have been friends for 13 years and have been inseparable for the better part of the last 10 years.  There was nothing more exciting for me than to celebrate her wedding day with her and her fiance, Steve.

The weekend extravaganza began with a fabulous dinner on Friday night at Soho on George in New Brunswick where the wedding party and family from out of town gathered to kick off the weekend long celebration.  As Shari’s matron of honor, I felt unbelievably honored to be by her side all day long as we prepared for the big night.  Saturday was occupied with all the usual pre-wedding rituals, including hair and makeup.  Shari hired Tamra from Brides by Tamra and she was absolutely amazing.  She attended to everyone and made the day go by smoothly.  The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Hyatt New Brunswick which was absolutely beautiful.  The modern decor was the perfect backdrop for photos and I am sure they came out fabulous.  We spent the hours leading up to the ceremony primping and taking pictures while more friends and family arrived at the hotel.  Before we knew it, the ketubah was signed and Shari was about to walk down the aisle.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, the perfect mix of sentiment and humor.  The reception was fantastic – Jill and I were out on the dance floor from the minute the doors opened.  The night flew by and before long it was 1am and the final song of the night was played.

This morning was a brunch to honor the newlyweds where we all wished Shari & Steve well as they start their new life as Mr. & Mrs.  It was when Shari and I broke down and cried.  It was an emotional moment for us as we have become more like sisters than friends.  The last 12 months have seen so many changes in our lives that I think the magnitude of what an amazing year it has been just hit us.    It was a fabulous weekend from start to finish…..click here to see the pictures and enjoy the good time that was had by all.

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Where were you WeddingWire???

For all brides (and grooms) planning their wedding, I have a great new website to checkout…WeddingWire.  This website is going to give the Wedding Channel a serious run for their money, in my opinion.  This great new site acts as a centralized portal that covers all those important steps before walking down the aisle.  Take a peek….I think its absolutely fabulous!  The site provides links to vendors, wedding events and promotion, provides free on-line planning tools to help couples create a wedding website, manage the guest list, plan  table seatings, manage their budget, manage vendors and even helps couples create a timeline to track those all important dates leading up to the wedding.  The site is extremely well organized and covers everything from the early stages of getting engaged, through your wedding day.  Even after the ‘big day’ there is a great section for newlyweds to rate their vendors and tips for the bride on how to go about changing her name.  WeddingWire recently teamed up with MissNowMrs which has all the necessary forms to make changing your name a stress-free experience. 

By nature, I am very organized but had I discovered this site while ‘turbobride’ was in action I would have used it in a heartbeat.  I am, however, going to sign up and fill out reviews on our vendors so other brides can consider using them.   Happy planning to all you future brides!

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The Art of Asking Permission

Last night I met up with a work colleague at the W Hotel for drinks.  We hadn’t seen each other in quite awhile and a lot has happened in both our lives since our last get together.  We caught up over beers and pinapple martinis and had a great conversation on a variety of topics ranging from work to our personal lives.  Coincidentally, we both were married on the same day this year so we exchanged wedding stories, details on our honeymoon adventures and all the great things that led up to our respective ‘big’ days.  We had many laughs swapping stories, including the tradition of asking the woman’s father for her hand in marriage.  A tradition that Darren hadn’t been clued into until two days before he was going to ask me to marry him. 

Our story went like this…..I was away in Budapest doing the corporate thing while Darren was home in NY buying an engagement ring (I was completely clueless).  He went to lunch with some work friends and one of them asks Darren if he asked my dad if he could marry me.  Seems Darren didn’t know he was suppossed to do that so he calls my parent’s house and speaks to my mom but my dad isn’t home.  They finally connect later that day and they have a nice conversation about the new house we had just signed the contract for letting my dad know that his intentions are sincere and that he is in the relationship for the long haul.  And then he hangs up.  Darren never actually came out and said, “I am getting on a plane and in 24 hours I am going to ask your daughter to marry me.   Do I have your permission?”.   So my dad hangs up the phone, thinking nothing other than Darren wanted my folks to know that he was very serious about our relationship and that his intentions are to build a future together.  What he didn’t say was that he was about to propose.   Fast forward about 24 hours, Darren has just finished an amazingly romantic proposal along the Danube and I call home to tell my folks our incredible news.  I start off by saying I know you know why I am calling since Darren said he had spoken to them.  What I got on the other end was not the reaction I expected.. The conversation went something like this…..Me, “hi, it’s me.  I bet you know why I’m calling”  My mom “……no,”.  Sherri “Yes, you do.”  Mom, “no, I really don’t”.   Sherri “Darren told me he called you”.  Mom, “Yes, and?”  At that point I thought either my mother deserved an academy award or that something was lost in translation in Darren’s conversation with my Dad.  It was the latter,  Darren never actually asked me Dad for ‘permission’ to marry me so they were truly surprised (and unbelievably excited and thrilled)!  

In telling this story to Tim, he confided the same nervousness that I’m sure Darren had when having that conversation.  Both of them have both said that no one teaches you what to say or how to prepare for the ‘permission’ conversation and it is scarier than the actual proposal.   Being the woman in the relationship, I honestly can’t say I know what they went through, but I’m sure it is not an easy thing to do.  So to all you guys out there that are getting ready to propose, remember when you are speaking to your future father-in-law, be direct and come right out and say exactly what you are planning to do.   

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Wedding Proofs are Online

Our wedding proofs are online!  Yeah!   If you want to view them, feel free to email me directly or send a request through our ‘get in touch’ link and we’ll be happy to share the viewing details.  We are so excited to be able to share these pictures with everyone.  It was truly a magical night for both of us and seeing the pictures really brought the whole event back to life for us.   Now comes the fun part though….deciding which one’s actually go in the album. 

I can’t say enough good things about JovonPhotography, in particular, Telmo, who was our photographer.  So many people have commented to me about how friendly he was, how unobtrusive he was and how he got everyone to do everything he needed.  If the pictures are any indication of our wedding video, we will be incredibly happy when it is ready. 

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Our Honeymoon

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