Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.  Today is the day to spread love to all.  I celebrated my second Valentine’s Day with mommy & daddy last night with a special dinner out at their favorite sushi restaurant, Japan Inn in Bronxville.  We had to go on the early side because I’m not so good when I’m out too late but that didn’t matter.  I was a little edgy and didn’t want to eat my teriyaki chicken skewer but oh well.  I think they still managed to enjoy their slightly less than romantic dinner with me tagging along.  When we got home we all exchanged cards and Daddy gave mommy a beautiful necklace.  Mommy was super disappointed that her gift for Daddy did not arrive on time because the blizzard delayed shipping. But she’s confident Daddy will love our gift when it arrives later this week.  Daddy also gave mommy a treat by letting her sleep in just a bit while he got up bright and early to play with me.  Judging by the smiles and happiness on their faces this weekend, I think they are enjoying Valentine’s Day.

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