Confessions of a Milk Junkie and His Frustrated Mother

It has been almost three weeks since I transitioned from formula to milk and it has been quite an interesting ride.  Mom was worried that I would have trouble giving up my formula and bottle in exchange for milk in a sippy cup but I love it!  In fact, I think I love milk more than my formula.  Surprising since Daddy is lactose intolerant and mom doesn’t like milk except for her coffee and cereal.   The reality is if I could, I would drink milk all day long.  Forget food, forget water, I want milk.  And that is just what has happened over the last couple of weeks.  I want my milk and I’m screaming loud and long until someone gives in to my habit.  I’ve given up real meals and will nosh only on occasion (not that I was ever a stellar eater). I will do whatever it takes to get my milk even if it means having a tantrum, throwing food on the floor (and at mom) and swinging wildly til the food on the spoon splatters me, my high chair or the floor.  Mom has been getting utterly frustrated and I detected a few tears in her eyes the last couple of days.  I overheard her talking to Grandma saying I’m becoming abusive and combative when I eat.  I don’t know what that means but I think it is a bad thing.

By the middle of last week Mom finally caught on that I’m not going to give up my milk but yesterday I think she had enough and both Mom & Dad started to plot against me.  They seem to be practicing some tough love to make me kick my milk habit and return it to healthy levels.  Yesterday I was only allowed to have milk twice, once in the morning and once at night.  I screamed bloody murder for 20 minutes but no milk appeared so I finally gave up.  I guess there is some method to their madness (but don’t tell them that) because my belly has been hungry and I’m starting to open my mouth for some food since there is no milk in sight.  I think they think they can beat me at my own game but we’ll see.  I’m still testing this whole thing out.  Stay tuned to see how this all unfolds….

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