Let the Celebrating Begin

On Monday, August 25th Darren and I will be married one year so it was only fitting that we would kick off what was our wedding weekend with a celebratory dinner. Darren made reservations for us last night at Morton’s in White Plains. This was his first time dining there but I had been to their midtown location a few times over the years. The restaurant is exactly what you would expect when it comes to steakhouses – an atmosphere of white table clothes and walls accented with heavy dark wood.

As Darren parked the car, I was warmly greeted by the hostess and the maitre’d who escorted me to our table – a comfortable leather booth along the perimeter of the restaurant. A warm round onion bread with butter was quickly brought to the table. Upon Darren’s arrival we were presented with our menus that were personalized at the top wishing “Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Herman”. We both this was a very nice touch. We started with some drinks and then the waiter came by to present us with the menu. If you have never dined at Morton’s before, in addition to a paper menu the waiters come to your table with a visual display of their most tradition items – an array of steaks, lobster and fish as well as their side dishes which usually include spinach, asparagus, broccoli and potatoes. Since it was a Friday, they also had Prime Rib which is only served on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Darren started with the beefsteak tomatoes with purple onion vinagrette followed by the prime rib which he said was excellent. A very large middle cut cooked to perfection. I started with the chopped salad, a mix of romaine and iceberg lettuce with hearts of palm, artichokes, cheese and bacon bits in a dijon mustard vinagrette. Very tasty and a huge portion. For my entree Darren talked me into the jumbo lobster tail – it was enormous – 14oz! The lobster tail was quite flavorful but a bit tough in spots which is pretty typical given the size. The slightly smaller lobster tail was probably the better of the two options but I still enjoyed it despite the few tough spots. For dessert we decided on the triple chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream. A heavenly piece arrived with a candle in it to celebrate our anniversary. We both thought this was a very nice touch by the restaurant and it was very thoughtful of them to give the cake to us on the house. We were thoroughly full by this point.

Overall, I thought the meal was very good and I would recommend Morton’s. Darren thought the food was very good too – he rated his meal an 8.9 but he wasn’t overly impressed with the atmosphere so he gave that a 7.

The evening was a great start to our anniversary celebrations. It is hard to believe that a year has gone by already. The time has flown by….and it has been a spectacular year to say the least.

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