From Vegas to Yosemite

Monday morning we left our luxurious suite at THEhotel in Vegas and hit the highway for our return to the wilderness. An eight hour drive was ahead of us and the ride seemed like it would be forever but we split the driving and the time passed quicker than we expected. We drove passed several unmarked military bases in the Nevada desert and at times we were the only car on the road. With the speed limit at 75mph for a large part of the drive we put our pedal to the metal and took off through the desert. We passed through a few mining towns, some that were once for gold mining and a few coal mines that are still in existence today. When we crossed into California, the roads quickly changed and for five miles along Highway 120 we were up and down through the ‘dips’ as they call them. Darren and I both lost our stomachs a few times as we meandered through the hills. Finally the terrain leveled out and we were in Lee Vining, California where we stopped for lunch.

Lee Vining is a very small town on Mono Lake, not far from June Lake, both of which are beautiful. Surprisingly, I had been to this little town many years ago when my family vacationed out west and the minute we pulled in, it all came back to me. We had a quick bbq lunch and some ice cream and got back on the road. We had many more miles to go and by now we just wanted to get to our Bed & Breakfast. A few more hours later, after driving clear across Yosemite National Park, we arrived at the Yosemite Rose B&B where would be spending the next three nights.

The Yosemite Rose B&B is about 30 minutes outside the Big Oak Flat Entrance to the Park and about a 20 minute drive from Groveland, CA. The B&B which is Victorian in style is situated on 210 beautiful acres. We booked a suite for our three nights and the room and the b&b are absolutely charming. The house is rich in antiques and the billiard/game room is filled with old books, pictures, a billiards table and a chess board. The kitchen is huge and the veranda where breakfast is served overlooks the property and allows diners to breathe in the fresh morning air while enjoying a home-cooked country breakfast.

After checking into the B&B we drove to Buck Meadows for dinner at the 49er which is a rustic country diner/country store. The staff was very friendly and we enjoyed a light dinner before heading back to Yosemite Rose for the night. We had a big day ahead of us at the park so we played some chess (I actually won a game!) and then called it a night. Yosemite awaits us in the morning……

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