Movin’ Out & Movin’ In – Weekend Update

This is the first blog posting being written from our new house. The last 72 hours have been nothing short of hectic and tiring but things are really starting to come together. Highlights of the weekend include:

  • A phenomenal pre-move dinner at 15 East, a relatively new Japanese restaurant in the Union Square area with the freshest, most unique sushi we both have ever eaten. (thanks for the recommendation Gothamgal!) We ordered the 10 piece sushi omakase dinner and the sushi chef, Masato Shimuizu, was fantastic! He explained everything we were served, where the fish came from and how it should be prepared and eaten. We dined on specialties like char, sweet white shrimp, japanese snapper and sea urchin. It was the best sushi we have ever eaten. I highly recommend it!
  • Moving out day – it rained. We used Meyers Moving and they were terrific. A crew of 4 men arrived at 7:57am and quickly began disassembling Darren’s apt and preparing it for the move. By 10:30am, they arrived at my apartment, 11:45 we were on the road to suburbia and by 2:00pm they were gone. Staring at 50+ boxes, 10 wardrobes and miscellaneous other items to unpack (all of which arrived in perfect condition – not a chip, crack or anything broken,) we quickly got to work.
  • We called in the calavry (aka – our parents) to help with the unpacking, unwrapping, building of furniture and cleaning. They all arrived ready to work, food in hand for when we needed energy and for the next 48 hours we starting turning our house into a home.
  • The painters finished up on Sat, after completing an absolutely beautiful job. Nu-Look Interiors did an amazing job. Vincent and his crew, led by his foreman Alberto, were clean, efficient, trustworthy and very personable. I would recommend them to anyone as they do interior and exterior painting, wallpaper hanging or faux painting.
  • By Saturday evening, we were all ready to collapse. I had my first major allergy attack from all the pollen in the air – a true welcome to life outside the city!
  • Today, another long list of chores – more trips to Home Depot, Blinds to Go, the Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond and many other destinations. Just when you think you have everything you need, you realize you need something else!
  • The internet is up and running but our offices are still coming together. Pictures to follow once we come up for air….
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